CC2PhD Scholars Program Synopsis

We are recruiting 2018-2019 CC2PhD Graduate Mentors for the Community College to PhD (CC2PhD) Scholars Program. The CC2PhD Scholars Program is a social science research and PhD preparation program for underserved community college students. Our community college students will

  1. Complete an introductory-level interview research project

  2. Apply for summer undergraduate research programs

  3. Develop an upper-division research proposal that will be used to apply for undergraduate research programs and research grants at their future four-year college

  4. Present their interview research project and their upper-division research proposal

  5. Develop a PhD preparation plan for their upcoming junior and senior year


Our program pairs up community college students with a CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor, a Community College Faculty Advisor, and a Peer Advisor. Our community college students also learn from University of California professors and administrators who speak at our CC2PhD Saturday Academies. You can learn more about the CC2PhD Scholars Program here


CC2PhD Graduate Mentor Eligibility

Applicants must meet both eligibility requirements: 

  1. Must be a UCLA PhD student who is enrolled in one of the following social science related PhD programs: Anthropology, Chicana/o Studies, Community Health Science, Economics, Gender Studies, Geography, Health Policy and Management, Management, Political Science, Psychology, Social Welfare, Sociology, and Urban Planning. We are NOT accepting applications from Education PhD students this academic year. 

  2. Must be able to perform all CC2PhD Graduate Mentor responsibilities listed in the following section. 



CC2PhD Graduate Mentor Responsibilities

UCLA PhD students should only apply if they are able to seriously commit to the program from November 2018-May 2019 (7 months total). The typical monthly time commitment is two and a half hours per month. The Graduate Mentor honorarium is $25 per month (i.e. $175 total).


Each CC2PhD Graduate Mentor will be assigned ONE community college student mentee throughout the 7 month program. CC2PhD Graduate Mentors will carry out the following responsibilities for their mentee: 

  • RECURRING Two-and-a-Half-Hour Monthly Responsibilities

    • Hold two videoconference meetings every month with your mentee. Each videoconference meeting is 1 hour long. Each meeting has a prescribed meeting agenda, which will revolve around one of these topics: the mentee’s introductory-level interview research project, summer undergraduate research program application, upper-division research proposal, research presentations, or PhD preparation. 

    • Dedicate 30 minutes every month to answer mentee inquiries OUTSIDE of meetings. This may include answering their emails or proofreading their program assignments.

  • Responsibility That Occurs ONCE Throughout the Program 

    • Allow your mentee to shadow you ONCE between November 2018-January 2019 at UCLA. The point of this one-time shadow day is to give your mentee a better understanding of what a PhD program is like. Activities may include observing graduate-level courses, observing research team meetings, attending a department event, etc.  

  • Responsibilities That Occur TWICE Throughout the Program

    • Write a letter of recommendation for your mentee in January 2019. Then write an UPDATED letter of recommendation for your mentee in May 2019. Your mentee will use your letter of recommendation to apply for summer undergraduate research programs, academic-year undergraduate research programs, and scholarships.  

    • Fill out an anonymous mid-program and post-program Graduate Mentor feedback survey.  


CC2PhD Graduate Mentor Application

The CC2PhD Graduate Mentor application deadline is Friday, October 19th 11:59pm pacific. Applicants may be asked to schedule a videoconference interview. Final results will be emailed to all applicants by November.



CC2PhD Graduate Mentor FAQs

I am not an underrepresented racial or ethnic minority. Can I apply to be a CC2PhD Graduate Mentor? 

Yes! You are more than welcome to apply. 


Do I have to be a PhD student with advanced standing? 

We accept UCLA PhD students at all stages in their PhD programs: first year in PhD program to final year in PhD program.  


Are you only looking for PhD students who specialize in qualitative research? 

No. Among other things, CC2PhD Scholars are required to (1) complete an introductory-level interview research project and (2) write an upper-division research proposal that will be used to apply for undergraduate research programs and research grants at their future four-year college. The upper-division research proposal is UNRELATED to the interview research project. CC2PhD Scholars will choose between qualitative methods, quantitative methods, or mixed methods for their research proposal. As such, we equally value PhD students who specialize in qualitative or quantitative methods. 


Can PhD students from other universities apply? 

We are only recruiting UCLA PhD students this academic year. 


Why are you not recruiting any Education PhD students? 

We have several RETURNING CC2PhD Graduate Mentors who are Education PhD students. As such, we do NOT need to recruit any new Education PhD students. We are seeking a good balance between academic disciplines in our cohort of CC2PhD Graduate Mentors.  

Where are the twice-per-month meetings occurring? Are they located at the undergrad’s community college campus? 

The meetings occur via videoconference (e.g. Zoom or Skype). If you prefer, you can meet with your community college mentee face-to-face at a physical location. But graduate mentors are NOT required or expected to meet with their community college mentee face-to-face.

Will my mentee have similar research interests as me? 

Maybe. We allow CC2PhD Graduate Mentors to choose which CC2PhD Scholar that they would like to work with. However, we can NOT guarantee that the 2018-2019 cohort of CC2PhD Scholars will contain a community college student that shares the same academic discipline and/or similar research interests as you. Be prepared to work with a student who comes from a different social science discipline and/or has differing research interests as you. However, rest assured, as a PhD student you are more than capable of advising an undergraduate student’s introductory-level interview research project and upper-division research proposal. 


Is this mentoring position time consuming? 

The anonymous CC2PhD Graduate Mentor feedback surveys suggest that this program is NOT time consuming. The feedback surveys also suggest the two-and-a-half-hour monthly commitment is a realistic estimate of how much time CC2PhD Graduate Mentors actually devoted to the program. As indicated previously, our community college students have a variety of other resources: UCLA professors who speak at the CC2PhD Saturday Academies, a CC2PhD Community College Faculty Advisor, a CC2PhD Peer Advisor, and textbooks. In other words, these other resources will ease your mentoring workload. Of course, some of our CC2PhD Graduate Mentors voluntarily choose to go above the minimum two-and-a-half-hour monthly commitment. But this is NOT expected or required. We understand PhD students are busy and we do not want this program to detract from your other obligations


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