CC2PhD Scholars 2017-2018 Roster

Edsel Amaro

  • Education: Long Beach City College

  • Research Project: Does placing autistic students within mainstream classes lower peer rejection?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Blanca Ramirez

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Steve Villalpando

Kevin Bernal-Rivera

  • Education: Los Angeles Trade Technical College

  • Research Project: How do community college students who take weekly mathematic assessments perceive their mathematical ability?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: David Velasquez

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Angelica Lopez

Jose Cervantez

  • Education: Psychology Major at Cerritos College

  • Research Project: How do adverse childhood experiences influence educational outcomes, aspirations and persistence from Community College to 4-year Universities? 

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Melissa Barragan

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Jaclyn Ronquillo-Adachi

Jocelyn Chaj

  • Education: Psychology Major at Glendale Community College

  • Research Project: How do second generation Latina women negotiate gender roles as they navigate doctoral programs? What strategies do they use to persist in their programs in spite of institutional barriers or cultural expectations?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Cindy Escobedo

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Patrick Rock

David Cruz

  • Education: Chicana/o Studies Major at Santa Monica College

  • Research Project: How can portrayals of “gentefication” – the process of upwardly mobile Latinos investing in and returning to the old neighborhood – in Boyle Heights be interpreted in the historical context of anti-gentrification efforts?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Alfredo Huante

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Marisol Moreno

Brianna Davis

  • Education: Political Science and Sociology Major at Cerritos College

  • Research Project: How does family cohesion impact educational aspirations among emerging adults in immigrant-origin Latino households?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Monique Corral

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Amy Holzgang

Benjamin Falto-Armijo

  • Education: Sociology Major at Pasadena City College

  • Research Project: How do community college latinx adjunct faculty perceive the power structure of their campus, and how do the adjunct faculty resist these power structures if at all?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Román Liera

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Tony Juge

Cesar Fierro

  • Education: Psychology Major at Long Beach City College

  • Research Project: Do students who meditate five minutes before an exam do better than the ones that don’t ?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Jessica Fremland

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Matthew Lawrence

Kassandra Flores

  • Education: Psychology and Social Behavior / Criminology, Law and Society Major at UC Irvine

  • Research Project: What counseling services are available for transfer aspiring students? How do counseling experiences and needs differ of STEM and social science students at the community college?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Adrian Trinidad

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Nancy Rodriguez 

Jade Frank

  • Education: African American Studies Major at Santa Monica College

  • Research Project: How does the experience of being bussed out of a low socioeconomic area affect Black and Latino students social interactions with peers and faculty? Does this experience alter the way they view school? 

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Marissiko Wheaton

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Rebecca Romo 

Jackeline Fuentes

  • Education: Psychology Major at Los Angeles Mission College

  • Research Project: How does the socioeconomic status of undocumented Latino/a college students cause anxiety in achieving a higher education?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Asbeidy Solano

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Monique Kelly

Valeria Galbert Gamboa

  • Education: Geography Major at Santa Monica College

  • Research Project: What measures are government structures from the city of Inglewood taking to educate and inform the community of local residents about Environmental issues?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Courtney Cecale

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor George Leddy

Areyon Jolivette

  • Education: Media Studies Major at Orange Coast College

  • Research Project: What is the Effect of the Projection of Gender and Sexuality onto Villains in Children’s Media on LGBTQ+ College Students of Color?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Adrien Sebro

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Marilyn Kennedy

Ashley Ku

  • Education: Political Science Major at Santa Monica College

  • Research Project: What are the impacts of the recent wildfires and the role of non-profit organizations in response for the local environmental refugees?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Steven Mejia

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Jing Liu

Karla Lopezy

  • Education: Psychology Major at Long Beach City College

  • Research Project: How can we link Traumatic Experience with Mental Illness from crossing the border? How are 1.25-generation undocumented immigrants making sense of their emotional and mental health?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Guadalupe Lopez Hernandez

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Nancy Melucci

Leticia Martinez

  • Education: Psychology Major at Glendale Community College

  • Research Project: How does the impact of being a former/current foster teen mother  affect the teens chances of successfully completing college? 

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Christine Vega

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Patrick Rock

Andrea Ng

  • Education: Psychology Major at UC Los Angeles

  • Research Project: Do transfer students at a university with low-transfer admission and traditional third year students have differing levels of sense of belonging? Does sense of belonging impact their mental health outcomes?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Alfredo Novoa

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Carola Suárez-Orozco 

Ngoc Ngo

  • Education: Psychology Major at Cypress College

  • Research Project: Do the immigrant students’ English language proficiency and culture influence student-teacher relationships? Do the student-teacher relationships and parent-teacher relationships influence the immigrant-origin students’ academic outcomes?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Karla Rivera-Torres

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Randy Martinez

GiGi Nguyen

  • Education: Math and Economics Major at Orange Coast College

  • Research Project: What is the impact of (1) faculty interactions and (2) classroom environments on the academic experience of women of color transferring in STEM majors within Los Angeles and Orange County. 

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Melo-Jean Yap

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Rachel Ridnor

Nancy Nguyen

  • Education: English and Sociology Major at Orange Coast College

  • Research Project: How does being a Vietnamese refugee (or having refugee ancestry) impact your educational experience (in community college)?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Lawrence Lan

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Rachel Ridnor

Jade O'Keefe-Mitchell

  • Education: Women's Studies Major at Santa Monica College

  • Research Project: How can participation in a drama program alter male’s behavior and/or characteristics?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Amy Garey

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Yamisette Westerband

Lesly Ortega

  • Education: Psychology Major at Long Beach City College

  • Research Project: How do students of color experience campus racial climate in their community college or four year institutes? 

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Antar Tichavakunda

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Robert Vitt

Camille Serrano

  • Education: Communication Major at Fullerton College

  • Research Project: How do everyday micro-aggressions imposed upon LGBTQ+ students of color at community college campuses impact student resiliency and transfer aspirations?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Tanya Gaxiola Serrano

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Joe Carrithers

Auli Sinaga

  • Education: Sociology Major at Chaffey College

  • Research Project: Does the emotional distress from the risk of deportation for immigrant parents have a negative impact on a student’s college success? 

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Peter Hanink

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Naomi McCool 

Asha Taylor

  • Education: Psychology, Sociology, and Communication Major at Coastline Community College

  • Research Project: What are distance learning students perception of what a guided “educational” pathway should look like? 

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Maxine Roberts

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Paolo Varquez

Brian Zamora

  • Education: Chicanx Studies Major at Los Angeles Mission College

  • Research Project: What effect do progressive urban high schools have upon the critical consciousness development of Latinx adolescents in their ability to analyze, navigate, and challenge race and class inequality in their community?

  • CC2PhD Graduate Student Mentor: Karina Santellano

  • CC2PhD Faculty Advisor: Professor Theresa Montaño 

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